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Subject: Housekeeping: How to use the Fish-Sci list.
From: Steve Gutreuter <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Scientific forum on fish and fisheries <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Wed, 21 Jan 1998 09:35:52 -0600

text/plain (268 lines)

The following message contains information on how to use the
Fish-Sci mail list.  It is the new welcome message that is
automatically sent to new Fish-Sci subscribers.  Because
existing subscribers have not seen this message, we are
posting it to the entire list.  We believe this information
will help you take full advantage of the Fish-Sci list, and
we ask that you please save it for future reference.

We hope you continue to find Fish-Sci useful.

Thank you,

-The Fish-Sci list "owners"
 [log in to unmask]


                    Revised: 19 Jan 1998

                     Welcome to Fish-Sci
         An International Forum for Fishery Science

Thank you for subscribing to the Fish-Sci mail list.  The
purpose of this message is to provide the basic information
needed to make productive use of the Fish-Sci list.  We ask
that you read this message and save it for future reference.

Table of Contents.

I.    An Overview of the Fish-Sci List.
II.   How to Use the List: Posting, Replying and Other
III.  The Fish-Sci List Archive and World Wide Web
IV.   Rules and Principles of Use.
V.    Acknowledgments.

I.  An Overview of the Fish-Sci List.

Fish-Sci is an international e-mail forum for the discussion
of scientific ideas and events pertaining to fish and
fisheries.  For the purposes of this forum, fishery science
is broadly defined to include relevant aspects of biology,
oceanography, ecology, limnology, economics, mathematics,
sociology and any other scientific disciplines contributing
to current understanding of fish, shellfish and their
fisheries.  Our hope is that discussion of ideas will
predominate as use of the forum evolves, though announcements
and news items that are of interest to a broad cross section
of fishery scientists are welcome.

Fish-Sci is provided and managed for fishery scientists and
resource managers.  However, all others who are interested
in scientific aspects of fish and fisheries are welcome.

Fish-Sci is managed by a team of three "list owners" who
help people with questions, approve posts from non-
subscribers, and generally try to keep the list running
smoothly.  The real owners of any mailing list are the many
subscribers who make it useful and successful.

Fish-Sci is the result of the merger of the former Fish-
[log in to unmask], [log in to unmask], and
[log in to unmask] lists.  The list owners and
sponsors at SUNET are committed to maintaining Fish-Sci as a
stable, enduring and professional forum.

II.  How to Use the List: Posting, Replying and Other Tasks.

Participation in Fish-Sci requires a little basic knowledge
about mail lists.  The basic information needed to use the
Fish-Sci list, which is implemented by using LISTSERV
software, is included below.

II.1.  Three Important E-Mail Addresses.

There are three email addresses associated with this list.
Knowing how and when to use each address is critical to
participating in the list.

II.1.1   [log in to unmask]   This is the address of
the computer that automatically runs the list.  No human
will see mail sent to this address.  Use this address only
to send command to LISTSERV, for example to change your
subscription options.

II.1.2.  [log in to unmask]  Use this address
to communicate with the Fish-Sci List owners.  They can help
you to resolve an problems with your subscription or to
discuss other details of list management.

II.1.3.  [log in to unmask]  Use this address to send
a message to all of the other subscribers to the Fish-Sci
list.  Mail sent to this address is automatically and
immediately distributed to the entire list.

II.2.  Basic LISTSERV Commands.

Send commands to LISTSERV to join or leave the list, and to
change your subscription options.  The following seven tasks
describe commands that can be sent to LISTSERV.  When
sending commands to LISTSERV, leave the subject of your
message blank and type the command as the *only* text in the
body of your message.

NOTE: We recommend that you practice sending commands to
      LISTSERV by sending command II.2.7, below.

II.2.1.  To join (subscribe to) Fish-Sci:
         Address: [log in to unmask]
         Command: subscribe fish-sci <full_name>

         where <full_name> is your full name (not your
         e-mail address).

II.2.2.  To leave the list:
         Address: [log in to unmask]
         Command: signoff fish-sci

II.2.3.  To set your subscription to Digest mode to receive
         only one message per day:
         Address: [log in to unmask]
         Command: set fish-sci digest

II.2.4.  To temporarily stop receiving mail (when traveling
         or on vacation):
         Address: [log in to unmask]
         Command: set fish-sci nomail

II.2.5.  To resume receiving mail upon your return:
         Address: [log in to unmask]
         Command: set fish-sci mail

II.2.6.  To search the list for an email address:
         Address: [log in to unmask]
         Command: scan fish-sci <name or partial name>

II.2.7.  To get the LISTSERV REFCARD summary of commands:
         Address: [log in to unmask]
         Command: info refcard

         REFCARD is a very helpful document and we recommend
         that you request a copy and save it for future

II.3.  Posting to the Fish-Sci List and Replying to Members.

To post messages to all Fish-Sci members send your
message to:

              [log in to unmask]

Only e-mail from list subscribers can be distributed to the
list; mail from all others will be blocked unless special
arrangements are made with the list owners.  It is important
to note here that you must post from the same e-mail address
from which you originally subscribed to the Fish-Sci list.

Before sending please consider carefully whether your message
is appropriate for the entire list.

When requesting information that might be of broad interest
to others, it is good practice to post a summary of your
findings back to the list.  Typically you may request that
responses be sent directly to you, and note in your message
that you intend to compile all responses and post it back to
the list.  The reduces email traffic and provides a
convenient summary message that many people may find useful.

When you reply to a message distributed to Fish-Sci the
default action is for your mailer to send your response back
to the entire list. Therefore it is important to consider
whether it is more appropriate to send you reply back to
Fish-Sci or whether to manually change the address to that
of the person who posted the message.

A comprehensive document on use of LISTSERV, mailing lists
and mailing list etiquette is available on the Web at

III. The Fish-Sci List Archive and World Wide Web Interface.

Communications posted to the Fish-Sci list are archived and
are accessible on the World Wide Web at

Links off this page can also be used to post messages and to join
or leave the list, which include options for modifying your list
subscription. This interface communicates directly with the
LISTSERV software which will send a message to your email
address  requesting confirmation. Replying 'ok' to the message
will tell the software to process the comand.

IV.  Rules and Principles of Use.

We hope that all subscribers will post only those messages
that are consistent with the list topic as described in
Section I, above.  Fish-Sci is an appropriate place to
discuss scientific ideas, post to requests for information,
and to announce scientific conferences, meetings, symposia,
job vacancies, research assistantships, fellowships and

Informative one-time announcements of _new_ products or
services that have _unique_and_specialized_ use in fishery
science may be helpful to some subscribers and may be posted
to Fish-Sci.  However, Fish-Sci is _not_ an advertising
service, and commercial use of Fish-Sci would violate the
terms of services provided by our SUNET host.  Therefore
advertising will not be tolerated.

Please do _not_ send any binary files to Fish-Sci.  Binary
files include graphics, executable programs, word processing
documents and macros, and spreadsheets.  All messages and
attachments should be plain ASCII text.  Presently there is
no uniform standard for encoding and decoding binary files
sent across the Internet and the only way to insure that all
subscribers can read a message is to transmit it as ASCII
text.  If you need to share a binary file with other
subscribers, please ask them to contact you directly.

Everyone makes mistakes on occasion.  However, any
persistent abuses of the Fish-Sci list will be dealt with on
a case-by-case basis.  Simple reminders of proper use from
the list owners should be adequate.  The list owners reserve
the right to terminate the subscription of anyone who
willfully or repeatedly misuses the Fish-Sci list.

The list owners welcome open discussion of the rules of the
list and list management.  Present you ideas to the list
owners or to the entire list as you believe appropriate.
The list owners The Fish-Sci list owners can be contacted
collectively by e-mail at

              [log in to unmask]

V.  Acknowledgments.

Fish-Sci is served by, a computer on the
Swedish University Network (SUNET).  We are grateful to
SUNET for their unwavering support in promoting scientific
communication for the international community.  Eric Thomas
of SUNET and L-Soft International, Inc., and developer of
the LISTSERV software provides technical support.  Any good
mail list forum is a product of the subscribers.  May you
enjoy Fish-Sci and find it useful!

                 -The Fish-Sci owners (alphabetically)

                  Steve Gutreuter, Statistician
                  Peter Hagen, Fisheries Biologist
                  Bill Silvert, Theoretical Marine Ecologist


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