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Subject: 7th European Feminist Research Conference, June 4-7 2009 Utrecht
From: Karin S Lindelöf <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Etnologi i Sverige.
Date:Tue, 19 Feb 2008 14:37:36 +0100

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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 14:35:47 +0100
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<FONT face=3D"Default Sans Serif,Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif" size=
=3D2><DIV>Apologies for cross posting, please circulate widely.<BR>&gt;<BR>=
&gt; *Call for papers<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; 7th European Feminist Researc=
h Conference<BR>&gt; **June 4-7 2009 Utrecht, The Netherlands<BR>&gt; Gende=
red Cultures at the Crossroads of Imagination, Knowledge and <BR>&gt; Polit=
ics*<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; The 7th European Feminist Research Con=
ference is an international event<BR>&gt; based on cutting-edge scholarship=
. The conference will reflect a<BR>&gt; diversity of feminist and gender st=
udies research incorporating<BR>&gt; perspectives from across the broad spe=
ctrum of the humanities and social<BR>&gt; sciences. The focus is on the wa=
y in which knowledge, politics, and the<BR>&gt; imagination inform gendered=
 cultures in contemporary Europe.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; European Feminist Researc=
h Conferences usually have more than 500<BR>&gt; participants from both ins=
ide and outside of Europe. The Conference has<BR>&gt; a track record of pre=
senting innovative feminist scholarly work with<BR>&gt; critical perspectiv=
es on contemporary Europe. This triennial conference<BR>&gt; is this time o=
rganised by Athena (Advanced Thematic Network in<BR>&gt; Activities in Wome=
n's studies in Europe), Gender Studies Programme<BR>&gt; Utrecht University=
 and Aiofe (Association of Institutions for Feminist<BR>&gt; Education and =
Research in Europe).<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; The 7th edition of the European Femini=
st Research Conference will be<BR>&gt; interdisciplinary in several ways. F=
irstly, it will employ the Utrecht<BR>&gt; expertise of crossing the bounda=
ries of the scholarly and the artistic<BR>&gt; through a focus on, and a re=
view of, literary, visual and artistic<BR>&gt; representations. Secondly, i=
t will work with a matrix of intersecting<BR>&gt; themes rather than with s=
ingular conference strands. Thus participating<BR>&gt; scholars, students a=
nd artists are asked to situate themselves in this<BR>&gt; cross-cutting ma=
trix.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *THEMES*<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *Paper proposals have to ref=
er to two of the themes.<BR>&gt; For a more detailed explanation of the dif=
ferent themes:<BR>&gt; *www.7thfeministcon<WBR> &lt;<A href=3D"h=
ttp://" target=3Dblank>http://www.7thfemin<WB=
R>istconference.<WBR>org</A>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *A. Imagination art &amp; =
politics<BR>&gt; *Coordinators: Dr. Marta Zarzycka, Prof.dr. Kirsi Saarikan=
gas,<BR>&gt; Domitilla Olivieri<BR>&gt; Key words: women artists, canon, gl=
obal art history, cultural<BR>&gt; hybridity<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *B. Feminism i=
n post-secular Europe<BR>&gt; *Coordinators: Prof.dr. Willy Jansen, Dr. Sar=
ah Bracke, Dr. Chia <BR>&gt; Longman<BR>&gt; Key words: religion, 'clash of=
 civilisations'<WBR>, religious<BR>&gt; vitality, believing and belonging, =
secularity<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *C. Global connections: migration, consumption a=
nd politics<BR>&gt; *Coordinators: Dr. Sandra Ponzanesi, Dr. Gail Lewis, Sa=
brina Marchetti<BR>&gt; Key words: postcolonial cultures, transnational fem=
inism,<BR>&gt; citizenship, commodification, migration<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *D. =
Sexuality, public, private and beyond*<BR>&gt; Coordinators: Prof.dr. Glori=
a Wekker, Lena Eckert, Malena Gustavson<BR>&gt; Key words: globalization, i=
ntersectionality, public and private,<BR>&gt; queer, masculinities<BR>&gt;<=
BR>&gt; *E: War and violence<BR>&gt; *Coordinators: Prof.dr. Andrea Pet=F6,=
 Izabella Agardi<BR>&gt; Key words: conflict studies, political rape, post-=
socialism,<BR>&gt; masculinity, trauma<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *F: Media and Techno=
logy: The politics of Representation*<BR>&gt; Coordinators: Dr. Cecilia Asb=
erg, Prof.dr.hab. Elzbieta Oleksy, Drs.<BR>&gt; Edyta Just, Prof.dr. Nina L=
ykke<BR>&gt; Key words: science, technology, media, visual culture<BR>&gt;<=
BR>&gt; *G. Multi-ethnic Europe: identities, boundaries and communities*<BR=
>&gt; Coordinators: Dr. Rutvica Andrijasevic, Prof.dr. Allaine Cerwonka,<BR=
>&gt; Drs. Maayke Botman<BR>&gt; Key words: multiculturalism, transnational=
ism, European-ness,<BR>&gt; political subjectivities, in/exclusion; interse=
ctionality<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *H. Stories to tell: fiction, history &amp; memo=
ry<BR>&gt; *Coordinators: Doro Wiese, Dr. Babs Boter, Prof.dr. Adelina Sanc=
hez<BR>&gt; Key words: feminist assessment of the powers of narrative;<BR>&=
gt; intersectionality; reliability of (hi)stories and memories;<BR>&gt; uns=
peakability; other modes of telling<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *I. Women's movements o=
f past, present and future: Generation in feminism*<BR>&gt; Coordinators: P=
rof.dr. Berteke Waaldijk, Drs. Iris van der Tuin,<BR>&gt; Sandra Prlenda<BR=
>&gt; Key words: generations, new feminisms, histories of women's<BR>&gt; m=
ovements, EU-equal opportunities<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *J. Cultures of Knowledge:=
 the Sciences, Humanities and gender<BR>&gt; *Coordinators: Prof.dr. Mineke=
 Bosch, Prof.dr. Kaat Wils, Dr.<BR>&gt; Christine von Oertzen<BR>&gt; Key w=
ords: knowledge, women/gender in science, epistemology,<BR>&gt; feminist th=
eory, representations of gender and science<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *K. Social econ=
omic Europe*<BR>&gt; Coordinators: Dr. Bettina van Hoven, Prof.dr. Anastasi=
a Lada<BR>&gt; Key words: Labour market, geographies of care, environment,<=
BR>&gt; nomadism, old and new identities<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; *Submission of abs=
tracts, panel proposals and registration:<WBR>*<BR>&gt; www.7thfeministconf=
<WBR> &lt;<A href=3D"" targe=
>&gt; Abstracts should have not more than 300 words and can only be uploade=
d<BR>&gt; using the submit link at www.7thfeministconf<WBR><BR>&g=
t; &lt;<A href=3D"" target=3Dblank>htt=
p://www.7thfemin<WBR>istconference.<WBR>org</A>&gt;<BR>&gt; Paper abstracts=
 send to the general conference email address<BR>&gt; <A href=3D"mailto:7th=" target=3Dblank>7thfeminist@<WBR></A> &lt;mai=
lto:<A href=3D"" target=3Dblank>7thfeminist@<=
WBR></A>&gt; will *not* be taken<BR>&gt; into account.<BR>&gt; Pap=
er abstracts have to be submitted before *September 19, 2008*<BR>&gt;<BR>&g=
t; If you would like to propose a panel or for any other information on the=
<BR>&gt; conference, please contact us at <A href=3D"mailto:7thfeminist%40l=" target=3Dblank>7thfeminist@<WBR></A><BR>&gt; &lt;mailto:=
<A href=3D"" target=3Dblank>7thfeminist@<WBR>=</A>&gt; before July 15, 2008. <BR><DIV>&nbsp;</DIV></DIV></FONT>=

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