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Subject: Re: [Fishfolk] UCSD: Scripps Oceanography News Release: Fishing Throws Targeted Species Off Balance
From: Gary Sharp <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Scientific forum on fish and fisheries <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Fri, 18 Apr 2008 14:01:58 -0700

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The Sugihara et al story is a mere hint at what those of us who were  
'raised' in the CalCOFI/EasTROPAC La Jolla Fisheries community have  
learned under the direct influences of folks like Reuben lasker, Paul  
Smith, John hunter, Alan Longhurst - et al - and preached over the  
years -
Meanwhile, the imposition of the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries (Mis) 
Management Act simply 'flushed' any such knowledge - and shoveled  
equilibrium-based, single species population dynamics BS models  
(1950s logic and techniques) into the rapidly recruited  'computer  
generation' -
Now 40 some years later - people are starting to speak/write again  
about what we knew, and how fisheries ecosystems should be handled -

Most of the NMFS co-authors listed in the paper are folks whom I have  
helped keep their eyes on these basic eco-physiological interactions -

I have known and shared common concerns with John Beddington since we  
first met back in the late 1970s...
The Following link says a lot - and if you notice - his focus is not  
just on fishermen - but More Mouths Needing Fed...

Bob May was also a routine visitor to FAO in Rome - where we (John  
caddy, Serge Garcia, Jorge Csirke, and myself) were in complete  
agreement about the 'stupidity' of Equilibrium-based population  
modeling being hyped by our Boss - John Gulland - <http://>
Jorg, Serge and finished up the Report from our extremely successful  
1983 Expert Consultation with the Chapter entitled -Modeling  
Fisheries - What was The Question?

You will find that on all the other subjects in the SIO News Release  
are well defined topics that I have been advocating in all my efforts/ 
writings/workshop Reports - etc - since the mid-1970s. In 1986 - John  
Caddy and I co-wrote the first published FAO Tech Report on An  
ecological framework for marine fishery investigations

And we both kept the pressure on - John Caddy, Review of “Marine  
Habitat and Cover: Their Importance for Productive Coastal Fishery  
Resources” UNESCO Publishing, Paris, France, 2007, 253 pp., ISBN  
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
Springer Netherlands
0960-3166 (Print) 1573-5184 (Online)

Sharp, GD The Past Present and Future of Fisheries Science;  
Refashioning a Responsible Fisheries Science. pp207-262 In:Fisheries  
Oceanography: an integrative approach to fisheries ecology and  
management, 2000. P.J. Harrison and Timothy R. Parsons, eds.  
Blackwell Science, UK.

Neoclassical Economics and Fisheries, 2007. G.D. Sharp, C.A.S. Hall.  
pp 423-441 In: Making World Developement Work, (G.Leclerc and CAS  
Hall, eds.) University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.

Climate and Fisheries: Forecasting ContextualChanges, Instead of  
hindcasting from Meaningless Means. 2008. Gary D. Sharp, Leonid  
Klyashtorin and George Taylor. pp 997-1016 In: American Fisheries  
Society Symposium 49. (Proceedings of the Fourth World Fisheries  
Congress, May, 2004, Vancouver, BC)

And we keep on Trying!

The primary issues are all about the necessary but today too often  
missing independent surveys of the many species in any ecosystem -  
and how they reflect the Environmental variabilities, and stock  
status - as in Size-at-Age, Age at First Maturity, Energy Content,  
and relative distribution and abundance - ALL reflecting important  
inputs to Forecasts of  Resource and System States - Thus what might  
be removed, where, and when - so that 'responsible' management can be  

Another example that Jonas still cannot read what others write -
The SIO Story was not just about Big Fish - swordfish were brought up  
as a good ongoing example -

As anyone who knows a little about the various species - the LARGE  
fish in the swordfish populations are ALL Females - as the males have  
a very restricted growth rate - always have - that peaks well below  
the length/weights attained by mature females - common on most  
billfishes -

The opposite situation exists in the tunas - where - for example -  
almost all the true Giant Bluefin are males - suggesting that these  
two mobile species groups should be managed differently...


  Back to work!

Gary Sharp
  Center for Climate/Ocean Resources Study
  780 Harrison Road, Salinas, California 93907
[log in to unmask]

  "The improver of natural knowledge absolutely refuses
  to acknowledge authority, as such. For him, scepticism
  is the highest of duties; blind faith the one unpardonable sin."
  Thomas H. Huxley

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