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Subject: Re: [IOBB-IBS-FORUM] Re: cray fish and freshwater clams/mussels
From: Pay_the_Piper <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Scientific forum on fish and fisheries <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Tue, 2 Dec 2008 10:10:37 -0800

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It is intriguing to consider the economically valuable species which seem able to adapt to either salt or fresh water:

-crayfish (is lobster a salt water crayfish?)

What about cod? Are there fresh-water cod?
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  From: jackkson ntapi 
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  Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 11:57 PM
  Subject: [IOBB-IBS-FORUM] Re: cray fish and freshwater clams/mussels

        Dear Nelson,
        Thanks for the details, it will definitely be of help if i have an opportunity of implementing such a system. My main concern now is the availability of the parental caryfish. Are there specialized suppliers of reproducers? that should be lacking here in my area. I suppose the crayfish are fresh water species, can one obtain crayfish from rivers in an area and create a pond to produce parents to supply farmers in an area. Please this is a petinent issue as the sustainability and growth of such an activity will strongly depend on the supply of the initial parent material. Also any information or issue on optimum sex ratio in the ponds?

        This is one facinating environmentally friendly integrated project that can be used in poverty alleviation in my area if properly implemented. If i can have information on sustained supply of parental material, i will reach out to local farmers and discuss the feasibility of starting such a project.  I am still browsing through photos of your farm, quite interesting.

        Jackson Ntapi Nk.
        Specialist in integrated agriculture
        PO BOX 1020 Yaounde Cameroon
        Cellphone (237) 613 47 84

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          Subject: [IOBB-IBS-FORUM] Re: cray fish and freshwater clams/mussels
          To: [log in to unmask]
          Date: Monday, December 1, 2008, 12:17 PM

          In a message dated 11/21/2008 4:58:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, [log in to unmask] writes:
                  Hi Jacky,

                  Can Nelson Hendler provide some technical information  on their crayfish rearing project. How are the ponds constructed? what is used in feeding the crayfish?, any articifial system to control water conditions? are there specialized organs providing the young crayfish at the initial stage of the project?. This project sounds lucrative and can be promoted in coastal areas of Cameroon where over fishing has greatly reduced the availability of sea products with prices sky rocketing including that crayfish. 

                  Jackson Ntapi
                  Heifer International Cameroon
                  PO BOx 467 Bamenda Cameroon
                  CellPhone: +237 96134784 

          Dear Mr. Ntapi:

          I shall try to answer each of your questions in turn. 
          1) determine if the soil where you want to place your ponds has a high clay content. The higher the better. This means it will hold water. 
          2) the ponds are constructed is a simple fashion...
              a) determine the number of acres or hectres that you want for ponds. 
              b) lay out the pond area using stakes and lines (ponds).
              c) go around the entire perimeter of the pond area with another outline about 10 meters wide (moat)
              d) begin by digging the moat, and use the dirt from the moat to build the walls (berms) of the ponds. 
              e) build the berms as high as you want the ponds to be deep. If you want 1 meter deep ponds, constuct 
                  the berms 1 meter high. 
              f) build stand pipes into each berm, so you may raide or lower the water level in each pond. 
              g) dig a well and have the well water empty into the moat. 
              h) pump the water from the moat into each of the ponds. 
              i) set the stand pipe to adjust the height of the water you want in each pond, and have the run-off from the 
                 pond flow back into the moat. 
          3) Crayfish fed on rotting vegetable matter (detritus) or left over animal parts from a slaughter house. 
              However, there are disease problems with the latter, so it is better to use left over grain or stalks.
          4) The crayfish ponds can be used to grow a grain crop, such as millet or milo, and the grain crop can be 
              harvested, and the left over plant material feeds the crayfish.
          5) other freshwater species can be grown with the crayfish, depending on locale.
          6) Each crayfish delivers 350 young.

          When I was operating, I would buy 2,000 pounds of crayfish for release into the ponds in March, and by October, I would harvest 20,000 pounds in the same year. 
          This system used the minimum amount of water, and recirculates the water. This also oxygenates the water, and this can be supllimented with Ice Eater - Powerhouse aerators. 

          I am available for consultation on the contruction of such a system. Please look at the aerial photo of my farm at to see what the ponds look like. 

          I hope this will help you. 


          Nelson Hendler, MD ([log in to unmask]) 

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