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Subject: New book from AFS:Biology and Management of Dogfish Sharks
From: Gus Rassam <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Scientific forum on fish and fisheries <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Mon, 30 Nov 2009 09:40:36 -0500

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Biology and Management of Dogfish Sharks

Vincent Gallucci, Gordon McFarlane, and Gregory Bargmann, editors

423 pages, hardcover, index
Published by the American Fisheries Society
Publication date: November 2009
ISBN: 978-1-934874-07-3
$69.00 list price, $48.00 AFS members
To order:

The spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) is one of the most abundant shark
species in the world. For over a century it has been both reviled and
valued, has supported commercial fisheries in the Pacific and Atlantic
Oceans, and has been overexploited in both. As the only shark species to
recover from over-fishing, its responses and recovery trajectories are of
great interest to conservationists and fishery managers. 

The book's 34 chapters compile current knowledge of dogfish, their ecology,
and their 
management worldwide. It reviews historical fisheries, evaluates past and
current management strategies, and provides new biological and ecological
information from both the single species and ecosystems perspectives.  It
confirms the urgency of consideration of the human dimensions of management
as part of efforts to protect dogfish where it is threatened while providing
sustainable fisheries.


Keynote Address: The Sad History of Dogfish Management (Richard J. Beamish,
Gordon A. McFarlane, Ruston M. Sweeting, and Chrys M. Neville)

Spiny Dogfish Management: Toward the Rehabilitation of an Underappreciated
Species (Gordon A. McFarlane, Marc L. Miller, and Vincent F. Gallucci)

Distribution and Abundance

Fossil Record and Origin of Squaliform Sharks (Jurgen Kriwet and Stefanie

Summer Distribution and Feeding of Spiny Dogfish off the Washington and
Oregon Coasts (Richard D. Brodeur, Ian A. Fleming, Jaclyn M. Bennett, and
Matthew A. Campbell)

The Status of Spiny Dogfish in Puget Sound (Wayne A. Palsson)

Movement Patterns of Spiny Dogfish from Historical Tagging Experiments in
Washington State (Ian G. Taylor, Gregory R. Lippert, Vincent F. Gallucci,
and Gregory G. Bargmann)

Movement Patterns of Spiny Dogfish within the Strait of Georgia (Gordon A.
McFarlane and Jackie R. King)

Trends in Abundance of Spiny Dogfish in the Strait of Georgia, 1980-2005
(Jackie R. King and Gordon A. McFarlane)

Spiny Dogfish in the Pelagic Waters of the Strait of Georgia and Puget Sound
(Richard J. Beamish and Ruston M. Sweeting)

A History of the Distribution and Abundance of Spiny Dogfish in Alaska
Waters (Christina L. Conrath and Robert J. Foy)

Occurrence of Spiny Dogfish in the Pacific Waters off the Northern Kurile
Islands and Southeastern Kamchatka (Alexei M. Orlov and Alexei M. Tokranov)

Population Estimates of Spiny Dogfish Aggregations Overwintering South of
Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Using an Area Density Method (Roger A.
Rulifson and Tina M. Moore)

Distribution and Abundance of Spiny Dogfish in the Mediterranean Sea Based
on the Mediterranean International Trawl Survey Program (MEDITS) (Fabrizio
Serena, Costas Papaconstantinou, Giulio Relini, Luis Gil De Sola, and
Jacques A. Bertrand)

Age, Growth, and Reproduction

Re-evaluating the Age Determination of Spiny Dogfish Using Oxytetracycline
and Fish at Liberty up to 20 Years (Gordon A. McFarlane and Jackie R. King)

Evaluation of the Precision of Age Estimates for Spiny Dogfish (Joel S.
Rice, Vincent F. Gallucci, and Gordon H. Kruse)

Differences in Growth in the Spiny Dogfish over a Latitudinal Gradient in
the Northeast Pacific (Nicole M. Vega, Vincent F. Gallucci, Lorenz Hauser,
and James Franks)

Reproductive Biology and Management Implications for Spiny Dogfish in Puget
Sound, Washington (Cindy A. Tribuzio, Vincent F. Gallucci, and Gregory G.

Growth and Reproduction of Spiny Dogfish off the Eastern Coast of Canada,
including Inferences on Stock Structure (Steven E. Campana, Warren Joyce,
and David W. Kulka)

Reproduction of Spiny Dogfish in San Matias Gulf, Patagonia (Argentina)
(Edgardo E. Di Giacomo, M. Raquel Perier, and Marina Coller)

Ecology and Physiology

The Physiological Status of the Spiny Dogfish Subsequent to Capture by Otter
Trawl (John W. Mandelman and Marianne A. Farrington)

The Molecular Ecology of Dogfish Sharks (Lorenz Hauser)

Determination of Gastric Evacuation Rate for Immature Spiny Dogfish (Kristin

Stable Isotopic Variability Along Spiny Dogfish Spines: Implications for
Retrospective Ecological Studies (Susan Hazlett, Nicole Misarti, Alexander
G. Andrews, Gordon A. McFarlane, and Matthew J. Wooller)

Geographical Variation in the Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotope Ratios of
Spiny Dogfish in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean (Alexander. G. Andrews and
Robert J. Foy)

Interactions Between Two Sharks: Spiny Dogfish and Sixgill Shark in the
Puget Sound/Georgia Basin Ecosystem, Northeast Pacific Ocean (Vincent F.
Gallucci and Brian J. Langseth)

Fisheries, Assessment and Management, and Conservation

A History of the Fisheries for Spiny Dogfish along the Pacific Coast from
California to Washington (Gregory G. Bargmann)

The Occurrence of Spiny Dogfish in Recreational Fisheries in the United
States and Implications for Stock Assessments (Gregory G. Bargmann and Patty

New Monitoring and Management Regime: Groundfish Fisheries in British
Columbia (Tamee Mawani)

Status of Spiny Dogfish in Atlantic and Pacific Canada (Scott S. Wallace,
Gordon A. McFarlane, Steven E. Campana, and Jackie R. King)

Fisheries, Utilization, and Stock Status of Spiny Dogfish in Japan (Hideki
Nakano, Yasuko Semba, and Daiji Kitagawa)

The Agony of Recovery: Scientific Challenges of Spiny Dogfish Recovery
Programs (Paul J. Rago and Katherine A. Sosebee)

The Evolution and Management of Spiny Dogfish (Spurdog) Fisheries in the
Northeast Atlantic (Michael Pawson, James Ellis, and Helen Dobby)

Sequel of the Directed Fishery for Spiny Dogfish (Spurdog) in the 1980s off
the West Coast of Ireland (Edward Fahy, Peter Green, Lisa Borges, Ayesha
Power, and Edgar McGuinness)

Cultural Consensus of Fishermen's and Scientists' Knowledge of Spiny Dogfish
in Puget Sound: A First Step toward Policy (Marc L. Miller, Alex T. Lowe,
and Vincent F. Gallucci)

Conservation of Atlantic Spiny Dogfish under U.S. Law and CITES (Sonja V.


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