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Subject: New : Lampreys of the world
From: Steven Simpson Books <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Scientific forum on fish and fisheries <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Thu, 17 Nov 2011 10:10:21 -0000

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Steven Simpson Books
Specialist Booksellers & Publishers' Distributor (Est.1986)

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Lampreys of the World
Quicklink :
Provides an account for each of the 39 species. Each species account gives
information on the taxonomy including synonyms, common names, diagnostic
features of ammocoetes and adults, habitat and biology, geographic
distribution, interest to fisheries and references. Lampreys are widely
distributed in the northern and southern hemispheres, but virtually absent
in the intervening tropical zones

New Specialist Book Highlights Revisited

Some titles you may have missed :

Freshwater fishes

Danios and Devarios
Quicklink :
Covers the genera Danios, Devarios, Danionella, Microdevario, Betadevario,
Microrasbora, Chela, Laubuca, Esomus, Sundadanio and Paedocypris and
includes many of the the Danionins that are available in the aquatic hobby
which have yet to be described (these are known under various common names
such as 'Himalayan yellow fin Devario' and 'Danio sp Hikari' and are
familiar to aquarists). Foreward by Sven Kullander and the chapter 'The
Scientific Study of Danionins' contributed by Ralf Britz. Includes
information on the aquarium care and breeding and one specific chapter
dealing with the breeding of Danionella translucida. Essential reference, we
anticipate that this may be sold out by the end of January 2012

The Diversity of Life in African Freshwaters : Underwater, Under Threat. An
Analysis of the Status and Distribution of Freshwater Species Throughout
Mainland Africa
Quicklink :
An assessment of the status (according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened
Species) and distribution of all described species of freshwater fishes,
molluscs, odonates, crabs, and selected families of aquatic plants from
across mainland continental Africa. A total of 4,989 species were assessed,
with species information compiled for each of 7,079 river or lake
sub-catchments. the most up-to-date information on the distributions and
conservation status of species in all inland water ecosystems across
mainland continental Africa and the reasons behind their declining status.

Peces Dulceacuícolas de México
Quicklink :
This first edition in Spanish is provided by Juan Jacobo Schmitter, a
researcher at El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, and it is a substantive
contribution to knowledge and faunal biodiversity conservation in Mexico.
It includes data from more than 500 species, nearly all illustrated,
together with maps, distribution data, references and detailed information
about the species. In addition, the Spanish edition contains updated data.
El gran libro de la diversidad íctica de las aguas mexicanas finalmente está
disponible en idioma español. Se trata de Peces dulceacuícolas de México, el
magno estudio del biólogo estadunidense Robert Rush Miller

The Status and Distribution of Freshwater Biodiversity in Central Africa
Quicklink :
Regional assessment of the status and distribution of 2,261 taxa of
freshwater fishes, molluscs, odonates, crabs and selected families of
aquatic plants from throughout central Africa

Marine Fishes

The Banggai Cardinalfish: Natural History, Conservation, and Culture of
Pterapogon Kauderni
Quicklink :
This book is divided into three main parts: a general introduction to the
fish, including a historical synopsis with an overview of the Banggai
Archipelago; a comprehensive treatment of the species' natural history
(distribution, morphology, reproduction, embryology, ecology, genetics,
systematics and evolution); an account of the conservation of the species,
including descriptions of its fishery, attempts to protect it under CITES,
and introduction programmes. The book also includes an appendix offering
information on captive breeding, juvenile mortality reduction, and common

Ecology of Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout
Quicklink :
Presents the population ecology of Atlantic salmon and brown trout and how
it is influenced by the environment in terms of growth, migration, spawning
and recruitment

A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes
Quicklink :
Comprehensive, current, and accurate identification guide to the more than
1,000 nearshore and offshore fishes that live in brackish and marine waters
from Maine to Texas

Field Guide for Sharks of the Genus Carcharhinus
Quicklink :
All known and relevant data and features to enable an identification of
sharks of the genus Carcharhinus (BLAINVILLE 1816) are summarised and
visualised in this book. The introduced species are difficult to separate
for somebody who is not experienced in identifying sharks. An identification
key is given to determine and to differentiate the species. For each species
an extended list of characters is given including coloured figures to show
the lateral and ventral view, a detailed view of nostril and teeth, and in
some cases of juveniles and special characters. Further, data on body size
and appearance, colouration, tooth formula and shape, numbers of vertebrae,
on other internal and external characters, the geographical distribution,
preferred habitat and food spectrum are presented. In addition, biological
and reproductional data are included, e. g. number of young per litter, size
at birth, size at sexual maturity, as well as behaviour and migrational

Standard Names for Marine Fishes, Crustaceans and Mollusks in the Ornamental
Aquatic Industry
Quicklink :  :


Fish Cognition and Behavior, 2nd Edition
Quicklink :
In the second edition of fascinating book an international team of experts
have been brought together to explore all major areas of fish learning,
including: foraging skills, predator recognition, social organisation and
learning, welfare and pain. Three new chapters covering fish personality,
lateralisation, and fish cognition and fish welfare, have been added to this
fully revised and expanded second edition

Fish Diseases and Disorders. Vol.3. Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections,
Second Edition
Quicklink :
This third and final volume in the acclaimed Fish Diseases and Disorders
trilogy addresses infectious diseases of finfish and shellfish caused by
viruses, bacteria and fungi. Topics covered include infectious pancreatic
necrosis virus, infectious hematopoictic necrosis virus, viral diseases of
cold and warm-water fish, rickettsial and chlamydial infections,
furunculosis, motile aeromonads, vibriosis, flavobacterial diseases and
shellfish diseases

Fish Diseases and Disorders, Second Edition, three volume set
Quicklink :
2006-2010. 3 volumes. 26cm. Pp.2800. Photos & figures. Hardbound

Fish Karyotypes, A Checklist
Quicklink :
aryotypes of more than 3400 species/subspecies are arranged here by fish
systematics and include a list of genome size, sex chromosomes, B
chromosomes, polyploidy, and locality of material fish, among others


Carp Polyculture in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central
Asia. A Manual
Quicklink :
Guide to carp pond polyculture providing an overview on the guiding
principles, aspects and tasks, and presenting the most applicable production
techniques and patterns

Larval Fish Nutrition
Quicklink :
First comprehensive reference dedicated solely to the nutritional aspects of
managing larviculture. Chapters include a thorough discussion of digestive
capabilities, nutrient requirements, and feeding and weaning strategies to
optimize growth and production

Sparidae: Biology and Aquaculture of Gilthead Sea Bream and Other Species
Quicklink :
Brings together emerging knowledge on the main biological characteristics
and aquaculture production techniques for the many species cultured around
the world


Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management in the Western Pacific
Quicklink :
Contributed by experts from the Pacific regions as well as the UK and
Non-pacific States, this book is one of the first available compendiums on
this important movement and will be applicable to fisheries scientists and
researchers, fisheries managers, policy makers, and social scientists

Small-Scale Fisheries Management: Frameworks and Approaches for the
Developing World
Quicklink :
Provides guidance on innovative and alternative management measures and
methods for small-scale fisheries. The book covers key topics such as
rights, policy, co-management, communications and trade, and is an important
reference for researchers and students in fisheries science and management
as well as fisheries research organizations and policymakers

The State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2010
Quicklink :
Against a backdrop of global economic uncertainty, this issue of The State
of World Fisheries and Aquaculture highlights the major role and challenges
facing fisheries and aquaculture worldwide. With a steadily rising demand
for fish and fish products, the supply of fish as human food hit a record
high in 2008, underlining its significance in contributing to food security
and nutrition as a source of high-quality, affordable animal protein in
particular. International trade in fish also topped previous values,
pointing to the sector's continued important contribution to economic
expansion and human well-being. Aquaculture, despite a falling growth rate
in recent years, remains the fastest-growing animal-food-producing sector
and is set to overtake capture fisheries as a source of food fish. Overall
production of the sector continues to grow. This publication analyses and
reviews the latest available global statistics and trends in fisheries and
aquaculture. It explores the important, yet often underestimated, role of
inland fisheries, particularly in many small communities where they make a
vital contribution to poverty alleviation and livelihood security. A broader
look at the issues affecting fisheries and aquaculture emphasizes the
growing need to focus on the many facets of policy and governance and
examines the impacts of climate change, biodiversity loss, quality
certification and product traceability on the sector

World Fisheries, A Social-Ecological Analysis
Quicklink :
Comprises contributions on conceptual issues relating to social-ecological
responses in marine systems to global changes; offers illustrative case
studies of specific examples of social-ecological responses in marine
systems to significant environmental changes manifested locally; develops a
syntheses between natural and social scientists on the topic, and points the
way forward with innovative approaches to the use of science and knowledge
in management, policy and advice


Cephalopods of the World. An annotated and illustrated catalogue of
cephalopod species known to date. Volume 2: Myopsid and Oegopsid Squids
Quicklink :
Provides accounts for all families and genera, as well as illustrated keys.
Information under species accounts includes: valid modern systematic name
and origin citation of the species; illustrations of dorsal and ventral
aspects of the whole animal and other distinguishing illustrations; field
characteristics; diagnostic features; geographic and vertical distribution,
including GIS map; size; habitat; biology; a remarks section and literature.
This volume is fully indexed and also includes sections on terminology and
measurements, an extensive glossary, an introduction with an updated review
of the existing biological knowledge on squids and a dedicated bibliography

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