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Subject: Anthropology conference in Townsville
From: Grant McCall <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Grant McCall <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Tue, 8 Apr 1997 15:31:55 +1000

text/plain (402 lines)

Australian Anthropological Society Conference
Thu. 2 Oct. - Sat. 4 Oct. 1997

hosted by

The School of Anthropology and Archaeology
James Cook University of North Queensland

Conference Convener:            Professor Bruce Kapferer

Conference Finance Officer:     Dr Sandra Pannell

Conference Secretary:           Ms Rosita Henry
                                        School of Anthropology and Archaeology
                                        James Cook University of North
                                        Townsville, Q, 4811
                                        Phone: (+6177) 814966     Fax:
(+6177) 814045
                                        E-mail: [log in to unmask]

School of Anthropology and Archaeology Office:
                                        Phone: (+6177)814855      Fax:
(+6177) 814045
                                        E-mail: [log in to unmask]

Conference Venue:               Magnetic International Resort
                                        Mandalay Avenue
                                        Nelly Bay 4819
                                        Magnetic Island
                                        Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Conference Theme:       "Indigenous Societies and the Post-Colonial State"

Keynote Speakers:       Professor Jonathan Friedman (University of Lund)
                                Professor Andrew Strathern (University of
                                Professor Diane Austin-Broos (University of

Conference Structure:
There will be a keynote address each morning followed by a plenary session,
breaking out into 3 to 4 concurrent panels each afternoon.

Plenary Sessions:
1)'Indigeneity and the Post-Colonial State' - Conveners: Prof Bob Tonkinson
and Ms Rosita Henry
This session will focus on the concept and politics of indigeneity, and
related issues concerning the nature of the post-colonial state. We invite
papers that explore expressions of indigeneity in a variety of ethnographic
contexts, and/or examine the extent to which the state defines itself in
relation to certain subject peoples.
Contact:        Prof. Robert Tonkinson
                University of Western Australia
                Nedlands, W. AUSTRALIA 6907.
                Fax: (+619) 380 1062 Ph: (+619) 380 2858
                E-mail: [log in to unmask]

2)'Money, Land and the State' - Conveners: Prof. Andrew J.Strathern and Dr.
Pamela J. Stewart
Fundamental problems face Pacific Island countries in terms of their
underlying situation with regard to the future of land and land policies,
seen in the broadest terms.  These problems are made particularly evident
in proposals, such as have been mooted in Papua New Guinea, to introduce
land titles registration as a mechanism for economic development fostered
by the state.  This session will examine these problems at both macro and
micro levels, seeing them both in terms of their multiple refractions at
local levels (e.g. issues of compensation, sorcery accusation, land
disputes, apocalyptic arguments regarding money and the millennium), and
in terms of the political actions and policies of governments that
influence the dynamics of these local-level processes.  Participants are
particularly invited to look at the issues either from a macro or a micro
level of scale, while the session as  whole will be directed toward
integrating these differnt scales of analysis.

Contact:        Prof. Andrew J. Strathern and Dr. Pamela J. Stewart
                Department of Anthropology
                University of Pittsburgh
                3HO1 Forbes Quad
                Pittsburgh, PA  15260
                FAX: +1 412 648 7535
                E-mail: [log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask]

3)'Practising Anthropology and Archaeology in the 1990s' - Conveners: Dr
Michael Wood and Dr Ian Lilley.

This session will address contemporary issues of ethics and practice in our
disciplines. Papers are invited which focus on the relationship of
anthropology and archaeology to the State, multi-national companies,
indigenous peoples and others.

Contacts:       Dr Michael Wood
                School of Anthropology and Archaeology
                James Cook University Q 4811
                Fax: (+6177) 81 4045  Ph: (+6170) 42 1177
                E-mail: [log in to unmask]

                Dr Ian Lilley
                Principal Researcher
                Aboriginal and Torres Strat Islander Research Unit
                University of Queensland Q 4072
                Fax: (+617) 3365 6855  Ph: (+617) 3365 7051
                E-mail: [log in to unmask]

The afternoon sessions will run from 2:00pm to 5:30pm with a half hour
break for afternoon tea.

1) 'Egalitarian Forms' - Conveners: Dr Rohan Bastin & Dr Roger Just
In People Against the State  Pierre Clastres criticizes existing arguments
about stateless societies for their statist and stratified perspectives.
In this panel, contributors will explore Clastres's general point through
the examination of egalitarian social forms and the manner of their
reproduction.  Special emphasis will be given to societies positioned or
positioning themselves on the fringes of stratified state orders, and to
egalitarian state forms.  Topics can include, violence, gender, cosmology
and ideology. Areas to be discussed will include the Mediterranean and
South Asia among others.
Contact:        Dr Rohan Bastin
                School of Anthropology and Archaeology
                James Cook University of NQ
                Fax: (+6177) 81 4045  Ph: (+6177) 81 4215
                E-mail:  [log in to unmask]

2) 'Pacific Youth' - Convener: Assoc. Prof. Grant McCall
Building on 'Pacific Global, Pacific Local' (Albury 1996) and 'Pacific
Form(s) and Substance(s)' (Adelaide 1995), a session on Pacific Youth seems
a reasonable progression. As in all societies, the young represent the
next, triumphant generation, who must choose what to accept and reject from
their seniors. In the Pacific, youth often are omitted from anthropological
examination, sometimes because there are taken to be less authentic,
sometimes because of the adult status of all fieldworkers, they are not
willing to talk freely. Youth is emergent and, perhaps, some of that can be
portrayed in paper. Some topics that might be of use are youth and
modernity, youth and the state and disembeddedness. Other topics with a
Pacific focus are welcome.
Contact:        Assoc. Prof. Grant McCall
                Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
                University of New South Wales
                Sydney, NSW 2052
                Fax: (+612) 9313 7859  Ph: (+612) 9385 2408
                E-mail:  [log in to unmask]

3) 'Archaeology, Ethnography and Interpretation' - Convener: Dr David Roe
Papers are invited which address problems and approaches to the application
of ethnography and ethnographic analogy in archaeological interpretation.
In particular this session will address whether "ethnographic presents" can
provide "windows to the past" in constructing the archaeologies of the
recent and/or remote pasts of the peoples of the Australia and Oceania
Contact:        Dr David Roe
                School of Anthropology and Archaeology
                James Cook University of NQ
                Fax: (+6177) 81 4045  Ph: (+6177) 81 4846
                E-mail: [log in to unmask]

4) 'Cosmology and Ritual' - Convener: Professor Bruce Kapferer
Contact:        Professor Bruce Kapferer
                School of Anthropology and Archaeology
                James Cook University of NQ
                Fax: (+6177) 81 4045  Ph: (+6177) 81 4846
                E-mail: [log in to unmask]

5) 'Early Anthropologists in Australia' - Conveners: Dr Judith Fitzpatrick
and Dr Patrick McConvell
Papers are invited which examine the role of early anthropology and/or its
practitioners with regard to indigenous Australian societies.
Specifically, the session emphasises the experiences of contemporary
researchers in utilising earlier anthropologists work and interpretations
in contemporary work among indigenous Australians.  The session already
includes papers about Haddon and Rivers in Torres Strait; Thomson in Cape
York; and Mountford in Central Australia, as well as a series of papers on
Daniel S, Davidson with the subtitle: 'Geographical anthropology - the
legacy of Daniel S.Davidson's Australian work'.
Contact:        Dr Judith Fitzpatrick
                Tropical Health Program
                The University of Queensland Medical School
                Herston Road
                Herston, Brisbane, Qld 4006
                Fax: (+617) 3365 5599 Ph: (+617) 3365 5377
                E-mail: [log in to unmask]
                [log in to unmask]

6) 'Doing Anthropology in and about Japan' - Convener: Ms Minako Sakai
Discussant: Prof. James Fox
Critique of anthropology as a paradigm of Western knowledge is being
increasingly raised by feminist and indigenous anthropologists.  Along with
this critique, this panel will focus on Japan, which is non-Western and not
colonised, to highlight a new theoretical perspective in the construction
of anthropological knowledge. Papers of this panel will explore Japan as
anthropological 'other' seen from the west, anthropological 'other' seen
from Japan, and anthropological 'other' inside Japan.
Contact:        Ms Minako Sakai
                Department of Anthropology
                Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies
                Australian National University
                Canberra ACT 0200
                Fax: (+616) 249 4896 Ph: (+616) 249 2195
                E-mail: [log in to unmask]

7) 'Indigenous Objects, Postcolonial People' - Convener: Dr Maria
The panel will address an ongoing debate, discussing issues resulting from
cultural displacement and the re-interpretation of indigenous objects. What
is the role of indigenous collections in negotiating the past and
expressing the post-colonial situation? How is the cultural heritage of
indigenous people used to construct new values, images and meanings?
Contact:        Dr Maria Wronska-Friend
                School of Anthropology and Archaeology
                James Cook University of NQ
                Fax: (+6177) 81 4045  Ph: (+6177) 81 4305
                E-mail: [log in to unmask]

8) 'Human Rights: What Else Is There?' - Conveners: Dr Vivienne Kondos and
Dr Dolly Guise
The theoretical considerations of the status of Human Rights in postmodern
social conditions have become more problematic rather than less.  Obviously
this opens up numerous questions.  Some areas for consideration are: What
is the connection/difference, if any, between Rights and Human rights?; is
there a concept of Justice in the Human Rights discourse?; the state and
Human Rights; the applicability or non-applicability of Human Rights in
non-Liberal Democracy States; the Third World and Human Rights; the role of
the Media in the context of Human Rights struggles; and so forth...
Contact Dr Vivienne Kondos
                Department of Anthropology
                University of Sydney
                Fax: (+612) 9351 2360  Ph: (+612) 9351 3046

9) 'Work-in-Progress' - Convener: Mr Chris Morgan

This panel is included primarily as a venue for postgraduate students and
others whose current research concerns aspects of the relationships between
indigenous societies and post-colonial states. We anticipate an eclectic
selection of papers on a diversity of topics within this general theme.

Contact:        Mr Christopher Morgan
                School of Anthropology and Archaeology
                James Cook University Q 4811
                Fax: (+6177) 81 4045  Ph: (+6177) 81 4304
                E-mail: [log in to unmask]
                N.B. PLEASE put 'AAS 1997' in the subject field of E-mails!

10) "On the Subject of Borneo": Exotic Islands in the Postcolonial
Imagination - Convener: Dr Rita Armstrong
If Java represents a civilised maze of cultural and political hierarchy
then Borneo remains a primitive, but exotic, space occupied in the past by
head-hunters and in the present by loggers bulldozing their way through
indigenous culture. Perhaps it is telling that while an anthropologist
holds an iconic place in Javanese historiography, it is a novelist - who
barely drew breath on the Banjarmasin port or wrote wrote specifically
about it - that holds a special place in the imagining of Borneo.
The purpose of this session will be to both deconstruct some of the popular
representations about Borneo as well as focus on recent political
events/ethnographic narrative which illustrate the way in which local
peoples are making their way in the post-colonial world.  These are the
kinds of issues I hope to address but other topics are welcome: Was Borneo
colonized?: understanding Dutch and Brooke rule; ecology and citizenship in
the Malaysian state; transmigration and the construction of identity in
Kalimantan; "cultural survival": the new primitivism of the postcolonial
world?; Dayak: what does it mean?; tourism and the negotiating of identity.
Contact:        Dr Rita Armstrong
                Department of Anthropology
                University of Sydney
                NSW 2006
                Fax: (+612) 9351 3046
                E-mail: [log in to unmask]

11) Global medicine, local bodies - Conveners: Dr Shelley Mallett, Dr
Andrea Whittaker
Medical anthropology is ideally positioned to contribute to broader
theoretical debates about globalisation. Rather than erasing difference,
globalising forces such as western biomedicine may make local difference
more marked. This panel will explore western biomedical knowledge and
practice and its inflections cross-culturally. We invite papers which
investigate health and embodiment, contestations between tradition and
modernity, and notions of personhood. As we are encouraging broad debate
about the influence of western biomedical knowledge and practice, we welcome
papers based on ethnographic research from any region.

Dr Andrea Whittaker, Dr Shelley Mallett        (Tel): +61 6 249 3382
Gender Relations Project                       (Fax): +61 6 249 4896/ 257 1893
Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies
E-mail: [log in to unmask]; [log in to unmask]
The Australian National University
ACT 0200

Call for Papers:        People interested in presenting papers of 20 mins
                        (maximum) in any of the sessions listed (including
the                          plenary
sessions) please contact the conveners directly.

Deadline:               Conveners are requested to submit names of
presenters and
                        titles and abstracts of papers to Conference
Secretary by
                        May 5th

There is a range of accommodation available on the Island.  However, for
convenience, delegates are encouraged to stay at the Conference Venue, ie
the Magnetic International Resort. We urge you to make your bookings early.

1) Magnetic International Resort
Self-contained units
Rates per day (includes hot buffet style breakfast in the dining room):
$126 per double room (sleeps 2)
$146.00 per family (sleeps 2 adults and 2 children)
$151.00 per triple room (sleeps 3 adults)
$200.00 per interconnecting room (sleeps 5 adults)
For reservations phone 1800 079 902 Fax: (+6177) 785 806.

2) Palm View Chalets (Self-Contained Units)
Rates: $ 75 per day
These units, which can each accommodate up to 10 people (but probably only
4 comfortably), are 5 mins walk from the Conference Venue.
Contact:        Billy or Marion Fields
                Magnetic Island Tourist Bureau Information and Booking Office
                Ph: (+6177) 785596

3) Magnetic Island Tropical Resort
Yates Street, Nelly Bay
$40 per day (basic Chalets, with ensuite)
$60 - $79 per day (full motel-style chalets)
These can sleep up to two people.  There are also a limited number of
cheaper backpacker style chalets with bunk beds available.  This resort is
about 30 min walk from the conference venue, but the Island bus provides a
convenient service.
Contact:        Sue Malone or Debbie Hoad
                Fax: (+6177) 78 5601 Ph: (+6177) 78 5955

4) Magnetic Beach
Nelly Bay Road
Nelly Bay
Licensed backpacker style resort on the beach about 25 min walk from the
conference venue (bus service available); twin shares or 8 ded dorms
Rates: $14/person/night
Ph: (+6177) 785 777

5) Arcadia Hotel Resort
7 Marine Pde
Arcadia Bay
Motel-style rooms
Rates: Single room $60/day; double room $70/day
Ph: (+6177) 785 177

The JCU Anthropology and Archaeology Students Association has offered to
assist students attending the Conference with alternative accommodation
arrangements.  For more information contact the Conference Secretary.

Transport to the Island:
Ferry transfers to Magnetic Island are $19 return and can be purchased on
arrival at the Ferry Terminal.  Taxi and bus transport is available from
the airport to the Ferry Terminal (some flights may be met by JCU staff and
transport provided). Ferries depart the Wonderland terminal on weekdays at
7:00am, 8:30am, 9:50am, 11:15 am, 2:00pm, 3:40pm, 5:00pm, and the
Breakwater terminal at 5:40pm and 6:45pm.  Those arriving by road may
either leave their vehicles in the Ferry Terminal carpark or transport them
by barge to the Island. Contact: Capricorn Barge Company. Fax: (+6177) 21
3576 Ph: (+6177)72 5422

Transport on the Island:
There is a good bus service on the Island for which a timetable will be
provided on arrival.  There are also mini-mokes for hire at $30 per day.
Contact Magnetic Island Rent-a Moke Ph: (+6177) 785377

Please contact the Conference Secretary as soon as possible if you require
childcare. There are no childcare facilities at the conference venue
itself.  However, the Magnetic Island After School Care Centre (Kids Club)
has agreed to take any children over 5 on Thursday 2 Oct and Friday 3 Oct,
8:30 to 6:30. Rates : $14:00 per day, $7:00 per half-day (afternoon tea
provided, children need to bring their own morning tea and lunch).
At other times, and for children under 5, we can arrange private carers to
do childminding at the resort but please let us know your specific

Conference Dinner:
Rather than a formal dinner , we are planning a retro 'Beach Party'.

During the Conference an Ethnographic Film Night at the Island's outdoor
cinema will be held in memory of Tim Asch. Contact:
[log in to unmask]

* Grant McCall                             !  Telephone:(61+2) 9385-2408   *
* Dept. of Sociology & Social Anthropology !  FAX: (61+2) 9313-7859        *
* The University of New South Wales        !  e-mail: [log in to unmask] *
* Sydney NSW 2052 -- Australia             !                               *
*         *
*      *

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