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Subject: Call to colleagues in Central & Eastern Europe, including former Soviet Union
From: Dominique Ponton <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Academic forum on fisheries ecology and related topics <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Fri, 11 Apr 1997 13:28:34 -0300

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Message sent on behalf of Gordon H. Copp

>Message field:
>Call to colleagues in Central & Eastern Europe, including the countries of
>the former Soviet Union
>Dear Colleagues,
>A new initiative by the European Commission offers the possiblity for
>scientists from Central & Eastern European countries, including the
>countries of the former Soviet Union, to obtain support to attend
>conferences in Europe.
>We have been advised that such scientists wishing to attend the forthcoming
>workshop (First International Workshop of the Fish Ontogeny Network of
>Europe (FONE) 'WHEN DO FISH BECOME JUVENILES? - Looking beyond
>metamorphosis to juvenile development', 1-4 September 1997 in Bratislava,
>Slovakia) could be eligible for support under this scheme.
>If you have considered, or were considering, attendence of the workshop,
>but were unable to for financial reasons, then please contact me and Vlado
>Kovac on his eMail address ([log in to unmask]) as soon as possible
>I will be in Bratislava 13-20 April working with Vlado on the proposal to
>the EU, so please inform us of your interest IMMEDIATELY. Please include
>your full name and work address, your nationality, and your estimated costs
>of air and/or rail travel (which ever is most appropriate) to reach Vienna
>We include at the end of this communication, the most recent circular for
>your information.
>We are still willing to accept abstract submissions for oral and poster
>communications were you unable to meet the 15 March deadline.
>G.H. Copp & V. Kovac
>First International Workshop of the Fish Ontogeny Network of Europe (FONE)
>'WHEN DO FISH BECOME JUVENILES? - Looking beyond metamorphosis to juvenile
>1-4 September 1997 in Bratislava, Slovakia
>Institute of Ecology, Faculty of Science, Comenius University, Bratislava,
>Landscape & Ecology Research Group, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, GB
>Until recently, the juvenile period of fish life history has received
>little attention. In contrast to the transitions between all other periods
>of the life history, the transition between larval and juvenile development
>in fishes remains ill-defined. A clear definition of the larval-to-juvenile
>transition is important for:
>1) the development and application of fisheries recruitment models,
>2) the use of ontogenetic scales for interspecific comparisons of
>morphological development,
>3) the identification of ontogenetic shifts in resource use, and
>4) to reveal evolutionary trajectories of species or genera.
>The purpose of the workshop will be to foster an integrated approach in the
>examination of larval metamorphosis, examining the four topics mentioned
>Scientific Organising Committee:
>Gordon H. Copp (Hatfield, Great Britain), Co-Convener
>Vladimir Kovác (Bratislava, Slovakia), Co-Convener
>Michael N. Bruton (South Africa), President
>Etienne Baras (Liege, Belgium)
>Agnes Bardonnet (Rennes, France)
>Dimitri Pavlov (Moscow, Russia)
>Josef Wanzenbock (Mondsee, Austria)
>Keynote Speaker: E.K. Balon (Guelph, Canada)
>The workshop will be held at the Druzba Hotel, which is within a few
>minutes walking distance from the campus of Comenius University in
>Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia (a republic of the former
>Czechoslovakia). Formerly known as Pressburg (in German) and Poszonyi (in
>Hungarian), Bratislava was an important multi-cultural port on the River
>Danube for the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Now a vibrant nation's
>capital, Bratislava has good train, bus and auto route connections and is
>about one hour by car or train from Vienna (Austria), and about 5 hours by
>train or car from Budapest (Hungary) and Prague (Czech Republic). Within
>one hour drive of Bratislava is the Gabcikovo hydroelectric scheme around
>which a debate is currently in progress at the International Court in the
>Publication of the proceedings:
>A concise but informative abstract, not longer than one half side of A4
>must be submitted by 15 March 1997. Submission of manuscripts for
>consideration for a special issue of Environmental Biology of Fishes is
>preferred to be six months in advance of the workshop, i.e. by 15 March
>1997, however, we will consider submissions up to, but not later than, the
>start of the workshop. The eventual publication of manuscripts from the
>workshop in Environmental Biology of Fishes will depend on the receipt of a
>sufficient number of high quality manuscripts. The new EBF Instructions to
>Authors are available in eMail format from G.H. Copp upon request.
>By eMail:
>If you are using Eudora, then send the abstract as an 'attached document'
>in 'RTF' format, otherwise send the abstract as part of the body of your
>eMail message.
>By floppy: Send a floppy, either PC or Mac format, with the abstract saved
>as either Word4 for Mac or preferably as an 'RTF' file.
>Submission of manuscripts for consideration for a special issue of
>Environmental Biology of Fishes is preferred to be six months in advance of
>the workshop, i.e. by 15 March 1997, however, we will consider submissions
>up to, but not later than, the start of the workshop. The eventual
>publication of manuscripts from the workshop in Environmental Biology of
>Fishes will depend on the receipt of a sufficient number of high quality
>manuscripts. EBF has issued revised Instructions to Authors in the December
>1996 number; these can be forwarded to you upon request to Gordon H. Copp
>([log in to unmask]). Please specify how you would prefer to receive the
>1) as part of the body of the eMail message
>2) an attached document:        Mac formats: Word5, MacWrite II,
>ClarisWorks2, SimpleText
>        PC: RTF format or text (ASCII)
>3) by post (airmail)
>The manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate as hard copies to Gordon
>H. COPP at the address given below. Authors of manuscripts accepted for
>publication may be asked to supply a floppy disk version of the final draft
>of the manuscript.
>Workshop Registration and Fees:
>You may register by eMail using the form at the end of this circular, and
>confirmation of your registration will occur automatically upon receipt of
>your registration fees in the bank account specified below.
>The fees for registration by 1 May 1997 will be 3200 Slovak crowns (Skk).
>Payment after 1 May 1997 will unfortunately have to incur a slightly high
>rate. The number of Slovak Crowns paid per other major currencies in
>January 1997 were 32.285 (per US dollar), 54.029 (per pound Sterling),
>6.045 (per French Franc), 20.382 (per German Mark), and 2.898 (per Austrian
>Schilling); these are expected to vary plus or minus 1 percent.
>The registration fees cover the cost a half-day excursion to the Gabcikovo
>Hydroelectric Scheme on the River Danube and that of the Workshop banquet.
>Full room and board, based on four days and four nights of single
>occupancy, will be Skk 3400. Estimates in US dollars are given below to aid
>REGISTRATION FEES with payment by 1 May 1997 are Skk 3200 (US 100). After 1
>May 1997, the fees will be Skk 3900 (US 120).
>FULL ROOM & BOARD COSTS with payment by 1 May 1997 are Skk 3400  (US 105).
>After 1 May 1997, the cost will be Skk 4100 (US 125).
>Please make payment of registration fees by inter-bank transfer or with
>international bankers draft in SLOVAK CROWNS (international currency code:
>When paying by international bankers draft, send the draft along with your
>registration form with the bankers draft made payable to 'WORKSHOP'.
>Provisional registration forms will be accepted by eMail, but will only
>take effect upon receipt of payment  in SLOVAK CROWNS of the registration
>When paying by inter-bank transfer, make the payment to the bank Slovenska
>Sporitelna IN SLOVAK CROWNS, using the information below:
>Bank name: Slovenska Sporitelna
>Bank code: 0900
>Account name: WORKSHOP
>Account number: 112045-019
>Abstracts, manuscripts registration and reservation forms can be forwarded
>to either of the two conveners:
>Dr. habil. Gordon H. COPP
>Department of Environmental Sciences
>University of Hertfordshire
>College Lane
>Hatfield, Herts. AL10 9 AB  UK
>Tel: ++44 (1707) 284.592        Fax: ++44 (1707) 28.52.58       eMail:
>[log in to unmask]
>Dr. Vladimir Kovac
>Institute of Ecology
>Faculty of Science,
>Comenius University
>Mlynska dolina B-2
>SK-842 15 Bratislava, Slovakia
>Tel. ++42 (7) 796 422 or 541 2224       Fax. ++42 (7) 541 2224  eMail:
>[log in to unmask]
>\ Dr. habil. Gordon H. Copp                \
>/ Senior Lecturer & Joint Placement Tutor  /
>\ Department of Environmental Sciences     \ o              .//.
>/ University of Hertfordshire              /   o         ,,////;,      ,;/
>\ College Lane                             \     o   ,/o{{{{{{{{{{{{;;;//
>/ Hatfield, Herts. Al10 9 AB  UK           /        >:){{{{{{{{{{{{{{;;\\
>\ Tel 44 (1707) 28.45.92                   \         ''\{{{{{{{{{{{{;  ';\
>/ Fax 44 (1707) 28.52.58                   /              \\   \\\
>\ eMail: [log in to unmask]              \
>Fish inspired by that of Lee Fuiman. Cheers mate!

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