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Subject: CRS Summary - Part 1/4
From: Aldo-Pier Solari <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:[log in to unmask]
Date:Sat, 28 Jun 1997 20:55:37 GMT

text/plain (113 lines)

From: Kate Wing <[log in to unmask]>

Fisheries and Marine Mammals: Most Recent Developments -- 6/27/97
Environment and Natural  Resources  Policy Division Congressional
Research Service

New info and changes since 6/20/97 are bracketed {...}.  New info
and changes since 6/26/97 are in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Marine Fisheries

Great American Fish Count.  From July 1 through  July  14,  1997,
volunteer divers and snorkelers will participate in a fish survey
in  four  National Marine Sanctuaries -- Flower Garden Banks, TX;
FL Keys; Channel Islands, CA;  and Monterey Bay, CA.  [NOAA press


{Atlantic Herring  and  Mackerel  Fishery  Hearing.   On June 26,
1997, the House Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries Conservation,
Wildlife, and Oceans tentatively  scheduled  a  hearing  on  H.R.
1855,  proposing a moratorium on the use of large fishing vessels
in  the  Atlantic  herring  and  mackerel  fisheries.}  [personal

Van Camp Seafood Sale.  A June  25, 1997, hearing on the proposed
sale of Van Camp Seafood Co., Inc.  to Tri-Union Seafoods LLC for
{approx.  $92 million} has  been  set  by  the  U.S.   Bankruptcy
Court,  San  Diego,  CA.   The  Van  Camp sale motion states that
Tri-Union will  pay  $8.5  million  if,  within  3  years of sale
closing, Tri-Union merges with more than 50% of the securities or
assets of Bumble Bee Seafoods Inc.  {On June  18,  1997,  Mermaid
Seafood  Inc.   filed an objection to the proposed sale, alleging
Van Camp with disposing of  assets  and de facto restructuring of
the debtor-creditor relationship without filing a  reorganization
plan.   The  U.S.   Bankruptcy Court continued the June 25, 1997,
hearing on the sale motion until July 9, 1997.} [Dow Jones News]

{MA Sues Over Scup.  In  late  June  1997,  the state of MA filed
suit in U.S.  District  Court  against  the  federal  government,
charging   that  a  quota  system  for  scup  (porgies)  unfairly
penalizes  MA  fishermen.    Although   MA  fishermen  landed  an
estimated 3 million pounds of scup in 1996, new quotas  for  1997
would  limit  their  harvest  to  362,000 pounds.  State managers
claim that previous landing  data  are  poor and misleading since
fishermen were not required to report their catch.} [Assoc Press]

{Illegal Russian Seafood Exports.  On June 20, 1997, officials of
the Russian Federal Border Service reported losses of  more  than
$35  billion  in  illegal seafood exports, occurring when Russian
fishing vessels  choose  to  sell  their  catch  at foreign ports
rather than deliver to Russian processors.} [Interfax]

Bumble Bee Seafoods Sale.   A  June  19,  1997,  hearing  on  the
proposed  sale  of  Bumble  Bee Seafoods Inc.  by its parent Thai
corporation, Unicord  PLC,  to  Hicks,  Muse,  Tate  & Furst Inc.
(Dallas, TX) through its  subsidiary,  International  Home  Foods
Inc.   for  $163  million  has  been  set by the U.S.  Bankruptcy
Court, San Diego, CA.  [Dow Jones News]

AK Pollock  Allocation.   On  June  18,  1997,  the North Pacific
Fishery Management Council heard extensive  testimony  on  Bering
Sea  pollock  allocation,  as  the  current 65%-35% split between
offshore and onshore processors expires  in 1998, and the Council
must decide how to allocate the resource.  [Assoc Press]

Oyster Research Funding.  On June 18, 1997, the House voted 422-3
to pass H.R.  437, reauthorization  of  the  National  Sea  Grant
College  Program Act, including an amendment providing $3 million
annually for research on oyster diseases and oyster-related human
health risks.  [Assoc Press]

Fish and Drugs  in  Mexico.   On  June  18, 1997, Baja California
Public Magistrate Jorge Rubio reported that  Mexican  authorities
detected  more  than 5.5 tons of marijuana concealed in shipments
of frozen seafood  on  trucks  and  ships  during the past month,
noting that drug traffickers appear to be increasingly using  the
strong  odors  of  shipments  of  fish  and  seafood  to mask the
characteristic smell of  marijuana  being  smuggled to the United
States.  [Assoc Press]

El Nino Conditions.  On June 17, 1997, NOAA reported that  strong
El  Nino conditions are developing in the tropical Pacific Ocean,
similar to the strong  event  of  1982-83.   {In early June 1997,
Canadian scientists reported seeing schools  of  mackerel  riding
warmer   El   Nino   currents  northward  off  British  Columbia,
potentially threatening juvenile  salmon survival.} [Assoc Press,
NOAA press release]

{Canadian  DFO  Controversy.   In  mid-June  1997,  the  Canadian
Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences was  reported  to  have
published  a controversial 12-page paper by 3 Canadian scientists
outlining alleged problems  within  Canada's  Dept.  of Fisheries
and Oceans (DFO)  on  management  of  Atlantic  cod  and  Pacific
salmon.   DFO  officials  deny  article  contents  and accuse the
authors of selective use  of  material.   An  article in the July
1997 issue of Canadian Geographic is reported to allege that  the
DFO  intervened to prevent Atlantic cod from being considered for
listing as an endangered species.} [Assoc Press]

{Assault  and  Harassment  Lawsuit.    On  June  13,  1997,  U.S.
District Judge Jack Tanner ordered a factory trawler  company  to
pay $462,000 to a WA state woman who alleged she was assaulted by
a  drunken  co-worker  and  harassed by crew on a factory trawler
during the 1994 pollock roe  fishery off Alaska.  Factory trawler
company officials announced they planned to appeal the decision.}
[Assoc Press]
End of Part 1/4

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