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From: "Patrick M. Ryan" <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Academic forum on fisheries ecology and related topics <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Thu, 7 Aug 1997 12:29:43 -0200

text/plain (446 lines)

>            Fish & Wildlife Research & Management,
>                 Applying Emerging Technologies
>                      Preliminary Program
>                     September 28-30, 1997
>                   Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
>          Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists
>                    37 th Annual Meeting
>CSEB - The Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists
The CSEB is a national, not-for-profit organization that provides biologists
with a voice to promote the conservation and sound management of Canadian
natural resources through public education, discussion of public policy,
environmental research and encouragement of high professional standards.>
 CSEB97 will examine innovative applications of technologies that are
changing the face of research in fisheries, wildlife and related natural
>     Session 1:     Byte the Bullet [Computer Applications, Modelling and
>     Session 2:     Modern Lab Detectives [DNA, Isotopes & Other
>     Session 3:     Location! Location! Location! [GIS (Geographic
Information                             Systems) and GPS (Global Positioning
>     Session 4:     Habitat Assessment & Improvement Techniques
>     Session 5:     Sound Ways of Monitoring: Telemetry and Other Acoustic
>     Session 6:     BioMonitoring
>     POSTER Session       &      TRADE SHOW
>Two days of stimulating sessions will bring together the expertise of
biologists from across Canada and the United States. Papers will be
presented on a wide range of topics, from the use of "macro" technologies
such as GIS and GPS, to "micro" technologies involving genetic markers or
chemical isotopes in biological studies.
Concurrent with the conference are poster sessions and a trade show
featuring displays and demonstrations of the technologies that are becoming
part of the biologist's
investigative toolbox.
>Dr. David Schindler, University of Alberta Killiam professor, will deliver
the Conference's Keynote Address (title tba). The featured banquet speaker
is marine biologist and inventor of the CRITTERCAM, Greg Marshall (National
Geographic Television). From an opening day rafting trip down the North
Saskatchewan River to the post-conference field trip to Elk Island National
Park and Beaverhill Lake Bird Observatory, CSEB97 offers the best of
Edmonton and warm western hospitality.
>     The venue for CSEB97 is the Crowne Plaza - Chateau Lacombe,
overlooking the river valley in downtown Edmonton. Suites, single and double
rooms are available at special conference rates. These rates will be
honoured for a week pre- and post-conference for those wishing to extend
their visits. Booking by AUGUST 30 is recommended. You can reserve your room
by toll-free telephone (1-800-661-8801). Electronic reservations can be made
beginning in August; information on this option, and a downloadable Hotel
FaxBack form will be on the CSEB Webpage as soon as it is available.
>     Edmonton International Airport hosts both national and international
air carriers. Shuttle bus service ($11) will bring you directly to the
Conference location at the Crown Plaza-Chateau Lacombe; or you may opt for
taxi ($25) or auto rental.
>     ** Travel and accommodation reservations and arrangements are to be
made by Conference attendees.
>     Meals provided during the conference include one luncheon and one
>     Edmonton is located at 53 32'N  113 32'W. As a well-conditioned
biologist, you'll come prepared for both warm (Indian summer) and cool; dry
and wet. Snowshoes won't be necessary!
>     CSEB97 brings you to the edge of  Edmonton's scenic river valley. Here
are a myriad of trails and diverse venues (historic Fort Edmonton, John
Janzen Nature Centre, Muttart Conservatory, Kinsmen Fitness Centre, and the
"River Queen" stern wheel paddleboat). You'll be close to downtown shopping,
theatres, library, art museum,  and the new Winspear Arts Centre. From this
hub it's a quick LRT ride south to Old Strathcona, and the University of
Alberta. To the west are the Alberta Legislature Building, Provincial Museum
of Alberta, 124 Street, and West Edmonton Mall. Northlands Coliseum,
Commonwealth Stadium, Concordia University College and NAIT (Northern
Alberta Institute of Technology) are on the north/east route.
>     Restaurants and nightlife abound (need we say more!?). There's sports
pro, amateur, and self-serve hiking, biking, jogging, swimming, golf . .
.Thrill to the power of an IMAX movie at the Edmonton Space Sciences Centre.
Or take a quiet moment, and search for petrified wood, dinosaur bones, and
gold nuggets on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.
>     Edmonton is Aspen Parkland country. North of the flat prairies, this
region is dotted with a myriad of lakes and rolling hills left as the great
glaciers receded. Elk Island National Park is home to bison (field trip);
many migratory birds stop over at Beaverhill Lake (field trip). The Devonian
Botanic Gardens and the Clifford E. Lee Bird Sanctuary are on the sandy
dunes to the west of the city. Further in the same direction is Jasper
National Park in the Rocky Mountains, about a 5 hour drive away.
>     Concurrent with the conference will be a trade show, with facilities
located immediately adjacent to session halls. Prospective trade show
participants are invited to contact CSEB97 organizers. Applications are
accepted on a first-come basis; deadline September 15, 1997.
>     Profile your organization with CSEB97 sponsorship. John Lilley (Lilley
Environmental Consulting) and Gary Ash (RL&L Environmental Services Ltd)
will be pleased to provide additional information on this special
opportunity for your financial or in-kind support.
> Program / Trade Show / Sponsors
>       Gary Ash / Scott McKenzie
>     Ph: 403-483-3499; Fax: 403-483-1574
>     Email: [log in to unmask]
>Registration / Sponsors
>      John Lilley
>     t/f: 403-464-5238
>     Email: [log in to unmask]
>Information Updates at the CSEB Website
>     [log in to unmask]
>DATES to Remember!
>      Aug 15   Presenters'  final abstracts
>      Aug 30   Last day for Early Registration
>      Sep 12   Last day for cancellations / requests for refunds
>      Sep 15   Trade Show application deadline
>      Sep 28   CSEB Board of Directors Meeting; River Rafting Field Trip;
>                Social; Registration
>      Sep 29   Registration; Sessions; Trade Show; Luncheon; CSEB Annual
General                      Meeting; Banquet
>      Sep 30   Sessions; Trade Show
>      Oct   1  Field Trip - Elk Island National Park and Beaverhill Lake
>                      PRELIMINARY PROGRAM
>Sunday, Sept 28                DAY 1
>9 am -12 pm    CSEB Board of Directors Meeting
>1:3O pm        1/2 day Field Trip on the North Saskatchewan ($20.00/person)
>7 pm -11 pm    Social (cash bar); Registration
>Monday, Sept 29                DAY 2
>8:00 am                Registration
>8:00 am - 6:00 pm      Trade Show
>9:00 am - 5:00 pm      Sessions
>12:00 pm -1:00 pm      Luncheon atop the Crowne Plaza, in the "La Ronde"
revolving                            restaurant
>5:00 -6:00 pm          CSEB Annual General Meeting
>6:00 - late            Banquet, with guest speaker Greg Marshall ("National
Geographic                         Television"), marine biologist and
inventor of the CRITTERCAM
>Tuesday, Sept 30               DAY 3
>8:00 am - 5:00 pm      Sessions
>12:00 - 1:00 pm        Luncheon (diner's choice)
>Wednesday, Sept 31     POST - CONFERENCE FIELD TRIP
>8:30 AM start  Full day trek to Elk Island National Park and Beaverhill Lake
waterfowl                         staging area.
>               ($50.00 incl box lunch)
> SESSION 1     BYTE THE BULLET [Computer Applications, Modelling & Simulation]
>   A Computerized Editing System for Video Monitoring of Fish Passage;
Douglas R.     Hatch, Jeffery K. Fryer, Matthew Schwartzberg, David R.
Peterson, & Andrew Wand; Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission;
Portland, OR
>   The Newfoundland Marten Population: Viability and Spatial Dynamics;
Richard Schneider; Biological Sciences, University of Alberta; Edmonton, AB
>   Defensible Methods - Software for Assessing Net Gain/Loss of Fish
Habitat; Charles K. Minns1, J.E. Moore2 &  F.Gorrie2; 1Great Lakes
Laboratory for Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences, Fisheries & Oceans Canada,
Burlington, ON; 2Bio-Software, Hamilton, ON
>   The Use of Computer Models in Fisheries Management; Trevor M. Thera;
Alberta Conservation Association; Peace River, AB
>   A User-Friendly Simulation Model Used to Assist Anglers and Biologists
in Designing Regulations to Recover Walleye Populations; Michael Sullivan;
Natural Resources Service, Alberta Environmental Protection; Edmonton, AB
>   Mapping Methods for an Atlas of Bird Banding in Canada; Eric J.
Woodsworth; Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada; Saskatoon, SK
SESSION 2MODERN LAB DETECTIVES [DNA, Isotopes & Other Investigations]
>   Summer Diet of Whooping Cranes in Wood Buffalo National Park Using
Stable Isotope Analysis; Geoffrey L. Holroyd1 & Jason M. Duxbury2; 1Canadian
Wildlife Service; 2University of Alberta; Edmonton, AB
>   Laser Ablation - Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Applied to
Fisheries Research; Robert Brown, Sam Wang, David Gray & Clair Dat;
Elemental Research Inc.; North Vancouver, BC
>   Paleoecological Assessment of Fish Remains from Saanich Inlet, BC;
Jacqueline M. O'Connell; University of Victoria; Victoria, BC
>   Microsatellite DNA Analysis of Skeena River Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus
kisutch); J. Nelson1, C. Wood2, & B. Holtby2; 1SeaStar Biotech, Victoria,
BC; Pacific Biological Station, Dept of Fisheries & Oceans, Nanaimo; BC
>   Stable Isotope Ecology: Diet Analysis of Raptors Using Stable Isotope
Ratios in Feathers; Jason M. Duxbury1 & Geoffrey L. Holroyd1; 1Renewable
Resources, University of Alberta; 2Canadian Wildlife Service; Edmonton, AB
>   Coupling Stable Isotope and Otolith Analysis to Determine the Effect of
Marine-derived Nutrients on the Growth Rate of Juvenile Coho Salmon
(Onchorhynchus kisutch); Craig Adams; University of Washington School of
Fisheries; Seattle, WA
> SESSION 3     LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!  [GIS (Geographic Information
Systems)                  and GPS (Global Positioning Systems)]
>   Predictive Habitat Modeling for Mountain Caribou using GIS and GPS
Collars; David A. Christie; Cascadia Natural Resource Consultants Inc.;
Kamloops, BC
>   Empirical Approaches to GIS-Based Habitat Modeling for Wide-Ranging
Species; Clayton Apps; Aspen Wildlife Research; Calgary, AB
>   Habitat Assessment in Saskatchewan Using GPS & GIS Technology; Jo-Anne
Hochbaum & Wen Liaw; Fisheries & Wildlife Branch, Saskatchewan Environment &
Resource Management; Saskatoon, SK
>   New Brunswick's Freshwater Aquatic Resources Data Warehouse; Faye Cowie1
and Bill Hooper2; 1Atlantic Salmon Museum, Doaktown, NB; 2NB Dept of Natural
Resources & Energy, Fredericton, NB
>   Ecosystem Responses to Lake Fertilization as a Habitat Improvement
Technique in Central Newfoundland, Canada; Roy Knoechel1, Patrick M. Ryan2,
Keith D. Clarke2 & Joseph J. Kerekes3; 1Dept of Biology, Memorial
University, St. John's, NF; 2Science Branch, Dept of Fisheries & Oceans, St.
John's, NF; 3Canadian Wildlife Service, Dartmouth, NS
>   The Effect of Forest Harvest Practices on Stream Temperature, Growth,
Behaviour and Biodiversity of Fish Populations in the Torpy River, BC; D.
Max Blouw & J. Mark Shrimpton; University of Northern British Columbia;
Prince George; BC
>   Development of a Mobile Aviary to Enhance Translocation Success of
Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers; John W. Edwards1, Charles A. Dachelet2 & Webb
Smathers1; 1Clemson University; 2Fish & Wildlife Branch, USDA Forest
Service; Clemson, SC
>   Traditional Knowledge and New Techniques for an Old Species; Robert G.
Wallace; Fish & Wildlife Branch, Saskatchewan Environment & Resources
Management; Saskatoon, SK
>   Spawning Habitat Enhancement at South Two Lakes, Alberta; Ken D. Wright;
Alberta Conservation Association; Peace River, AB
>   Assessing the Impact of Submerged Timber Removal on Fish in Ootsa Lake,
BC; T. Brock Stables1 & Malcolm Winsby2; 1BioSonics Inc., Sumas, WA;
2Hatfield Consultants, Vancouver, BC
>   Watershed Management: Integration not Segregation. The Sage Creek
Integrated Watershed Restoration Project; Paul R. H. Schaap; Dillon
Consulting Limited; Richmond, BC
>   Radio Telemetry  a Useful Tool in Assessing Behaviour of White Sturgeon;
C. McLeod, L. Hildebrand and J. S. McKenzie; R L & L Envir. Serv. Ltd.;
Edmonton, AB
>   Utility of Biotelemetry and Raster-Based Spatial Analyses for
Establishing the Ecology of Endangered Small Mammals; David L. Gummer;
Ecology Div, Biological Sciences, University of Calgary; Calgary, AB
>   Automated Remote Acoustic Systems for Fish Passage Monitoring and
Decision Making; J. Dawson, J. Hedgepeth, E. Kudera, C. Sullivan, R. Thorne
& B. McFadden; BioSonics Inc.; Seattle, WA
>   Satellite Transmitters on Swainson's Hawks during 1995-1997; Ursula
Banasch, J. Schmutz, S. Houston & G. Holroyd; Canadian Wildlife Service;
Edmonton, AB
>   Fish Behavior Measured by a Radar-type Acoustic Tracking Transducer near
Hydroelectric Dams; John Hedgepeth, William Acker, David Fuhriman, & Brian
McFadden; BioSonics Inc.; Seattle, WA
>   Can Impoverished Aquatic Insect Community be Used for Water Quality
Monitoring? Murray H. Colbo, Christopher Cutler, Tammy Lomond & Jose Perez;
Dept of Biology, Memorial University; St. John's, NF
>   Soil Bacteria Assist Greenskeepers in the Management of Golf Course
Greens; S. Marcia Nilson & K. Denford; Faculty of Science, University of
Regina; Regina, SK
>   Digital Recording Thermographs - a Cost Effective Alternative for
Assessing Water Temperature Fluctuations in the Forebay and Tailrace of
Keenleyside Dam, BC; G. Ash & S. Millar;R L & L Envir. Serv. Ltd.; Edmonton, AB
>   Functional Restoration using Constructed Pools and Riffles in
Channelized Streams; David Bates1, Marc Gaboury2, Grant McBain3 & Robert
Newbury4; 1FSCI Biological Consultants, Halfmoon Bay, BC; 2Ministry of
Environment, Lands & Parks, Nanaimo, BC; 3Dept of Fisheries & Oceans,
Madiera, BC; 4Newbury Hydraulics, Gibsons, BC
>   Efficacy of Air-lift Sampler for Samping Benthic Macroinvertebrates in
Biomonitoring and Assessment of Rivers; Richard J. Casey & Sharon Kendall;
Alberta Research Council; Vegreville, AB
>   Stable Isotopic Analyses in Otoliths of Cod (Gadus morhua), Implications
for Long-term Marine Environmental Changes in the Northeast Scotian Shelf,
Nova Scotia; Yongwen Gao & Henry P. Schwarcz; Dept of Geology, McMaster
University; Hamilton, ON
>   GIS/GPS Applications of the Radio Telemetry Portion of the Kakwa River
Bull Trout Project; Paul J. Hvenegaard & David M. Fairless; Fish Management
Div., Natural Resources Service, Alberta Environmental Protection; Peace
River, AB
>   The Kakwa River Bull Trout Program; Paul J. Hvenegaard and David M.
Fairless; Fish Management Div, Natural Resources Service, Alberta
Environmental Protection; Peace River, AB
>   SBTC - The Original Seabird Transect Sampling Data Processing Software;
Gedas Vaitkus; Institute of Ecology; Vilnius, Lithuania
> ================================================
>                 Applying Emerging Technologies
>                     September 28-30, 1997
>        Crowne Plaza-Chateau Lacombe, Edmonton, Alberta
>                       REGISTRATION FORM
>Prov./State:                  Postal Code:
>Phone:                   Fax:
>_____   $  75   for CSEB member by August 30, 1997
>_____   $100   for CSEB member after August 30, 1997
>_____   $110   for non-member of CSEB by August 30, 1997
>_____   $135   for non-member of CSEB after August 30, 1997
>_____   $  25   for students (does not include luncheon or banquet)
>_____   $  15   for extra luncheon ticket
>_____   $  35   for extra banquet ticket
>_____   $20 Half-day on North Saskatchewan River (Edmonton). 1:30 PM,
Sunday, Sept. 28
>_____   $50 Full day to Elk Island National Park and Beaverhill Lake
waterfowl staging area.
>             Oct 1. 8:30 am start

>Registration fees include: reception, conference, poster session,
proceedings, breaks, banquet and one luncheon.
>Cheques or money orders ($CAN) are payable to Canadian Society
Environmental Biologists, and mailed to:

> Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists
> c/o John Lilley
> Lilley Environmental Consulting
> 1003 Garland Terrace
> Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada T8A 2R5
>All cancellations and requests for refunds must be received by Sept. 12.
>No refunds will be made after Sept 12.
>>All this is included at our CSEB97 website:
>The last day for early registration is August 30, 1997.
>How to make your hotel reservation:
>1) Phone: The Crowne Plaza - Chateau Lacombe Hotel can be contacted at
>1-800-661-8801 (Alberta). For out-of-town delegates, phone
For further information contact:
> John Lilley
> t/f: 403-464-5238
> Email: [log in to unmask]
Patrick M. Ryan,
Science Branch, Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans,
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre,
P.O. Box 5667, St. John's, Nfld., Canada A1C 5X1
phone 709-772-4491
email [log in to unmask]

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