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Subject: mil. grade data encrypt. prog./Free for Edu.
From: Aldo-Pier Solari <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Academic forum on fisheries ecology and related topics <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Tue, 5 Aug 1997 17:43:15 GMT

text/plain (67 lines)

Those of you who need  to  encrypt  data  may  have a closer look at
F-Secure at

Their product is *free* for academic use,  it  works  under  Windows
3.x/95/NT,  has  a military grade, 256 bits Blowfish/DES encryption,
allows multitasking (runs  in  the  background),  has a useful 'Make
Encrypted Package' (autoexecutable)  function,  secure  deletion  of
files,  automatic  encryption  of subdirectories, etc.  all of which
may be run from the right button of the mouse.

All in all: A  highly  useful,  free  package (which has won several
European Security awards  for  it's  incrackability,  easy  of  use,
design and not the least it's price for academic use).

WARNING:  If  you  are  up  to  use  encryption  software,  read the
documentation **very carefully** and test the  package  ***before***
encrypting  critical  files.   I suggest that you only use the 'Make
Encrypted  Package'  function  if  you  are  not  familiarized  with
encryption keys.  Try to choose a good pass phrase such as something
which   may    only    make    sense    to    you:    For   example,
'auntseulaliasfunnygreyparrot', etc.

Below [1] information about the program is included. Cheers, APS.

[1] F-Secure Desktop's Encryption Technology

F-Secure  Desktop  is  designed with two objectives in mind: ease of
use and top security.  The ease of  use comes from the fact that the
files to be kept confidential are transparently  encrypted/decrypted
when  starting  and  closing  your Windows session.  You kn] ow that
your information is safe whenever  you  have  logged out in a normal
fashion.  Top security is provided with state-of-the-art  encryption
technology.    F-Secure   Desktop  uses  a  fast  well-known  public
block-cipher encryption  algorithm  called  Blowfish.   Blowfish was
designed specifically for 32-bit computers by Bruce Schneier, a well
known] cryptography author.  The Blowfish encryption  algorithm  has
lasted several years of public cryptanalysis and reviews in numerous
cryptography conferences.

F-Secure   Desktop   uses  Blowfish  with  256-bit  encryption  keys
generated using a cryptographically  strong random number generator.
During installation a master key is  generated  for  access  to  all
encrypted  files.   This  master  key  is  used  to encrypt a random
encryption key, generated  for  each  file  at  the beginning of the
encryption process.   Each  encrypted  file  contains  two  sets  of
encrypted  information; the random encryption key encrypted with the
master key and the original file contents encrypted using the random
encryption key.

To decrypt the file,  first  the  random encryption key is recovered
using the master key.  The random encryption key can then be used to
restore the original file in an unencrypted format.

The master key is never stored unprotected on your hard disk.  It is
encrypted using a 256-bit key generated from the userAEs passphrase.
Blowfish is again used to encrypt the master key.

Data Fellows Ltd.

Aldo-Pier Solari <[log in to unmask]>, Fish.Res.Gr./ULP
Oath:           'I will not fail those with whom I serve'

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