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Housekeeping: On using Topics to selectively receive messages in Fish -Sci


Peter Hagen <[log in to unmask]>


[log in to unmask]


Fri, 16 Jan 1998 18:22:22 -0900





text/plain (1 lines)

Greetings Everyone,

We would like to let you know of a feature of the FISH-SCI list that
some of you may find useful. We will do this by showing you how to
change your subscription options so that you can stop receiving
postings that have a keyword at the beginning of the subject line.

Note that the first word in this message is "Housekeeping". You also
received messages earlier today containing the Congressional Research
Service (CRS) news summaries that are posted weekly by Kate Wing. The
CRS messages consistently begin with the word "Rule" in the subject
line. "Housekeeping" and "Rule" are the Keywords for these messages.

Most people find the CRS messages very useful, Kate has been forwarding
these messages to the list as a courtesy to the members of FISH-SCI,
and the default is for everyone on the list to receive them. However
the messages can be long, some of you may not be interested, or you may
already see the messages through some other means (such as off the
FISH-SCI web archive). So if you would like to learn how to stop
receiving either the CRS messages or these Housekeeping messages, or
future categorized messages, read on.

The feature that allows you to selectively subscribe to messages on the
FISH-SCI list is called 'Topics'. The Listserve software which
distributes the FISH-SCI email will look at the first word in the
subject line and if it matches a previously defined Topic keyword, it
will route that message only to those people that want it. (Note: if
you are one of the 190 people that receive Fish-Sci in a digest mode,
you can't use this feature. In that case and all messages are bundled
and sent to you each day regardless of topic)

So to stop receiving a message in a Topic catagory there are two ways
to do it. The example here will be shown on how to block the CRS
messages which has the keyword "Rule".

 1) send an email message to
  [log in to unmask]
    And in the body of the message (not the subject line) type
 (note please use the above email address to avoid sending everyone the
message, and also note the 'minus' sign proceeds RULE, and the commands
are case insensitive)
 To start receiving all the messages later on, use the command

 2) Go to the web page archive with your browser
   and follow the link to "Join or Leave the list"
 On that page type in your email address and name and then look below
at the default options for subscribing to the list. Under the
Miscellaneous options is a list of Topic keywords. Currently the topics
are "Housekeeping", "Rule" and at the very bottom, "Other" The checked
box next to the topic indicates that you will receive those messages.
Toggle off the check box next to "Rule" and then click on the box
"Join the List". A message will then be sent to your email address
asking you to confirm your subscription options. If it looks good,
reply to the message with "OK" in the body of the text and that should
do. (You may want to bookmark the web page so you can get back to

Similarly to stop receiving these housekeeping messages click off the
check box, or send a SET FISH-SCI -HOUSEKEEPING command to the listserv
address. However if you read this far you might consider it useful to
continue to follow Housekeeping messages. Note the word "OTHER" refers
to every message that doesn't fall into a defined category.

"Topics" is a potentially powerful feature, that could be used to
selectively present or discuss items. A reply to a message that is in a
defined topic is also part of that topic when the Keyword is still in
the subject line. Right now only "Rule" and "Housekeeping" are defined,
but it is straightforward matter to set up other topics that could be
used by members. The Topic can be set such that everyone receives topic
messages by default or only those that actively choose to subscribe.

If you have ideas, suggestions or questions about this feature or
other topics, feel free to contact the list managers at
[log in to unmask] or post back to the list if

Under Houskeeping we will continue to post these type of list management
messages, and, (we hope), they won't be quite as long. Thanks for your

Best Regards,
Pete Hagen
     (on behalf of management)

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