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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my postings or any other personal information deleted from the archives?

  • Contact the owner(s) of the list in question. The owner(s) can be reached through the address "name of the list"
    If the owner(s) do not answer your inquiry please contact

I am a list owner and I do not receive any confirmation e-mail or any error e-mail when I try to send an announcement to my list. What can be wrong?

  • Make sure that the address you are using to send the e-mail to the list is the same address that is owner or sender for the list.
    It is also a good idea to check the spam filter and/or thrash folder for an error e-mail.

How do I subscribe to a list via e-mail?

  • Send an e-mail to with "subscribe name-of-list" in the body. You can click this link and change name-of-list in
    the e-mail to reflect the name of the list you want to subscribe to.

How to get more help

The systems administrators can help with configuration and similar, but we urge all list owners to read the manuals and official FAQ available:
List Owner FAQ
List Owner Manual
List Users Manual

Help For more information about NORDUnet's LISTSERV service, or to apply for the creation of a new list, write to

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