LISTSERV service at NORDUnet

Rules and regulations governing list creation and operation

These are the guidelines we use when deciding whether a list is possible to host on LISTSRV:

  • The list must have a close relation to the NORDIC academic community.
  • Lists for the internal or external dissipation of information from NORDUnet or its service organizations are expressly permitted.
  • The list must have at least 2 list-owners, (aka. administrators).

On the operation of lists, the following guidelines applies:

  • We have a strict policy on the administration of lists, i.e. should the setup of the list create problems related to for instance spam, we reserve the right to alter the configuration of the list.
  • Normally it's not permitted to run a open list, i.e. to be able to publish to the list you need to be a registered member of the list. However there might be exceptions made for very special
    cases, but that should first be discussed and granted by the system administrators.
  • We do not scan executable for viruses in the email. In keeping with the distributed nature of the Internet, it is the end-node that should be robust enough to handle such threats. However, we
    reserve the right to block attachments if they create a problem for the system operation.
  • The system administrators do not alter the archives of lists, unless so ordered by the court. If alteration of archives is desired, the so inclined must discuss it with the list-owner.
  • It is the responsibility of the list owner to decide whether to keep the archives world-viewable or restricted.
  • The list-owners are responsible for removing people with invalid e-mail addresses from their list.
  • The list-owners must respond to e-mail from the system administrators in a timely fashion.

We reserve the right to deactivate the list if these guidelines are not followed. We also reserve the right to alter these guidelines from time to time.

Help For more information about NORDUnet's LISTSERV service, or to apply for the creation of a new list, write to

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